Friday, February 26, 2010

Card Class, Upcoming Crop & other stuff!

Chelle's Copic Class
Second date:
 Tuesday  March 2, 2010
a few spots left!!
7-9 pm
Have you been playing with the markers and now want to do more?Here is the next level of Copic fun with Chelle! You will color several images and make two cards in class. Supplies: basic tools, vintage photo distress ink, copic multiliner .3 or smaller (optional). Call store to sign up and pre-order your Copic markers for class!

Upcoming Crop:
March 5th
Friday Funnest Crop
*No can even bring your own table and chair if you want! 3:00- Midnight or beyond :) We may not have much left in the store but let's have some FUN and crop!  
Bring snacks to share if you want!
Call to sign up @ 714 961-8011

Monday, February 22, 2010

Special Orders and Classes

I just wanted to let everyone know that all of the special orders (Copic Markers etc) are all due to arrive any day now. All classes will continue as planned. Our scheduled closing date is on or arround March 30. I encourage you to come in and use all store credits and gift cards. I will be emailing all customers with credit and those who have outstanding gift cards in the next week.

My Little Shoebox new product will be arriving on the 24th. Yay!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thank You!

The decision I am about to announce is one that will make me sad for the rest of my life but it has to be made. I am closing The Scrappin' Table. This week has been a whirlwind. I'm still in shock over so many of the events. I am not sure how long it will take me to recover. I'm sorry to those customers who walked in on me in the past few days and saw the tears. You were so kind.

My life has been so blessed. I've been such a lucky girl! I've had so many people around that have given so much to me. The most important things you have given me is your love, friendship and support. Some have done so without ever wavering. To you that have stuck by me even when it wasn't easy, THANK YOU! To those that couldn't, I still appreciate you and the times we spent together. The Scrappin' Table has brought you into my life, I am so glad our paths have crossed. Everyday I walked through that door with a smile and happiness in my heart because of you. When I opened the store I was advised not to make it personal. If you know me, you know that really wasn't an option for me. Every customer that I helped, every other store owner who passed on their wisdom, every designer that came here to teach or who did wonderful layouts, every friend I worked with, you all made an impact on my heart. I will never forget those moments we shared. I'll remember the Friday Fun Crops, the group crops, Book Club, ATC Club, the many fun classes...and overall just the fun you brought into my life.
When my husband and I met with my landlord I never expected the options he would give us. He has offered us something that we really can't pass on.

The store opened to fantastic growth, but when the fires hit our area and the economy fell, we were hit so hard. I am just now seeing some improvement, but it just hasn't come in time for The Scrappin' Table. We are still looking at a future of economic recovery that I just don't think I can wait out and I know my family can't.
My family is of course the most important thing to me. My girls love the store and they honestly haven't suffered (actually quite the opposite). However, I can't take a chance on their future by continuing with my dream. My time devoted to the store has taken so much from my husband. He is a wonderful man but it isn't fair to keep taking so much.

A Special Message to some special people!

Tiffany: I remember the trip to Ikea with Brooke and Tyler helping us load up all the tables, legs, and chairs for the store. That was such a fun day. I remember sitting on the wood floor of the empty store and dreaming all the possibilities together. We had big plans didn't we!! Thanks for being my right hand for so long and keeping me focused at CHA! Thank you!

Heather: I could always count on you, not only for your help but for the perfect sarcasm you could bring to every situation. If you know how Heather and I used to banter you know that I mean that as the biggest compliment!!! You above anyone were able to make me laugh. And not to mention you can pick out the perfect Bazzill color cardstock from across the room! Thank You!

Jhoana: You always said yes to me. I don't think I ever heard a no. You were so good to my girls in the early days when they had to be at the store with me. You are such a wonderful talented designer and you have always been a customer favorite! I am the luckiest owner to have you working at my store. And someday I hope to get that dancing lesson you always talk about. {wink wink} Thank You!

Cindy: Another person who has been with me since the beginning. What would I have done without you all this time? You could always talk my ear off even when I had to hurry about. I could count on you for updates on all the activities of the scrapbooking world and you always had a new idea for me to try! Even after moving all the way to Corona you still stuck with the store!! Thank You!

Lorella: My display/merchandising guru! You came in running and never stopped! You make the store look fabulous. I always knew that if I was coming in after your shift I would have to take a tour of the floor to know where everything was. You always kept the store looking fresh. Your level head and ongoing support means the world to me! Thank You!

Autumn: You weren't with us for very long but you continue to come in and support me in any way I ask! You are such a busy woman with 5 kiddos but you're always are able to sneak in for a quick hello and smile! Thank You!

JennK: I had to write it like that just for old time sake. You were so happy to finally get to drop the "K". It's hard though, I think we all still call you "JennK". I remember unpacking adhesive with you with our first shipment. How funny that was!!! Thanks for the help in the beginning and all of the DT help. Thank You!

To each of the Design Team Members over the years: Luanne, Tiffany, Michelle, Anne, Tammy, Shari, Dianna, Jenn K, Erika, Jhoana, Lola, and most recently Chelle. Thank you for all of the support and the beautiful layouts and projects you have brought to The Scrappin' Table! It has been wonderful being inspired by each of you. I have had so much fun at our group crops. Thanks for making it great! You all are more to me then just part of a Design Team...Many of you are now people I call good friends!! You are awesome and I Thank You!

To so many of the Guest Designers and Instructors who came to teach and create, I say Thank You!!! Jennifer P, Jessica G, Traci G, PJ, Tina, Terry, Kathy E and so many more.
To all my friends and family that have supported me through thick and thin: My husband Mike, my daughters Jessa and Lauren I love you with all my heart!! Big special thanks to Jennifer and Christy you have stuck by me all this time but especially over the past few days with all my tears!! To Autumn B., Catherine, Christine, Elizabeth, Illyse, Kristen, Nissa and Raquel for always checking in with me over the past few years I love ya guys!!! Thanks for letting me shed the tears and share the laughter.
To some "customers" that became such good friends: I have had so much fun with you all! Thank You Thank You!: Gina, Tori, Jennifer L, Leslie, Patty, Doris, Jennifer D., Debi, Angela, To all my Friday Fun Croppers: Gosh thanks for the laughs and late night silliness, & the Starbucks and Del Taco runs!! J
Thank you so much for your support over the past few years.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Unity Stamps arrive at The Table

A freshly opened box o' stampin' goodies...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

ONE Reason I love what I do!

Friday Fun Crop Tonight!!!
Call to sign up! 4 spaces left!

Thanks Jena! This makes me so happy!

Just wanted to show you what my book cover ended up looking like. Hopefully you can open the attachment. This was my first time attending a class like this and I just wanted to let you know that I thought it was great! Michelle was very nice and helpful! The class attendees were very friendly! I had a lot of fun and was very happy with my completed project! I live about 45 minutes away and the drive was definitley worth it. I look forward to finding out about upcoming projects and can't wait to attend another class.

Jena T.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Coming soon...

Michelle has placed orders for some new collections that were released at CHA. Keep a look out for these new collections, coming soon...

Just Add Butter
My Little Shoebox

Green at Heart
Basic Grey

Dear Lizzy
Elizabeth Karchner for American Crafts

We'll let you know when the collections come in!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine Cards

with Chelle
Thursday February 4, 2010
7-9 pm
4 Cards

Supplies needed: basic tools, walnut distress, blender tool and mat.

Copics with Chelle
Beginners Class

2nd Day Added!!
Tuesday, February 9, 2010
7-9 pm