Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scrapbook Royalty...

Here is the content of an email I just received and wanted to pass it along to our awesome customers! Please join me in supporting this wonderful cause!
This year we have decided to collect Mother's Day and Father's Day cards for our Cards for Troops Campaign!! We have been very successful for the past two years in collecting handmade Holiday greeting cards from around the country and donating them to units that make sure these cards reach actual military serving overseas. They were so appreciative to have these cards to write in and send messages home to family and friends during the holidays. So we would like to do the same thing with Mother's Day and Father's Day cards.
So once again and we need your help! We will get these cards distributed to the hard
working men and women overseas defending our country. We are sending the cards directly to the troops ourselves so that gives us a bit more time to get them made and sent over.
A simple handmade card, blank inside, will do just perfectly. We need to receive the
cards with envelopes by March 31st, so we have time to mail them to the units over
seas and they will have time to mail them home. Here are some tips for getting
a few cards made for the soldiers:
Create a few extra cards as you make your own--for example, for every 3 cards you make for yourself, make one card to donate. Use your scraps from old layouts and cards (cuz I know you're still saving them) to create a few cards. This way you can also take part in some guilt free shopping afterwards when you buy this year's hottest papers. Go buy that new paper and just have fun creating some cards for the soldiers with it. Ask your friends to help. If you're having a crop or go to one at a store, ask everyone to take 5 minutes to create one card. Have the kids help. Scout troops love doing these kinds of activities. Set up the supplies assembly line style and get everyone to pitch in. Buy a kit--some stores and consultants sell card kits--just buy one and assemble all the cards and send them to us for the troops. Take a class. Ask the instructor if you can buy extra cards or kits to make the assembly easy.
If you are a consultant hold a card-making party! Have your guests make one card for themselves and one for the troops as part of your demonstration.
Once you've created your cards, you can send your handmade cards directly to:
Scrapbook Royalty
Cards for Troops
PO Box 910665San Diego, CA 92191

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