Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello...Anyone still out there?

I helped out my friends at The Red Bee last night at a Back to School Crop and was inspired in many ways.

First, I must say that I am very sad that two more of our LSS stores Srappin' in the Hills and The Red Bee are closing their doors. It just hurts all over again. Part of me wishes I could have fought harder for The Table but still I know that the environment of this economy would not allow me to make it. Just not enough able buyers. The hobby is strong but the ability to purchase is just not there as it once was. So I wish my friends all the best in their future endeavors. You will be missed!!
So I was thinking that this little blog has been so neglected and sad lately and I don't want to let it go. I thought about some of the things I wanted to do on here before the store closed. Fun challenges, scrap room fun, braggin' about what my scrappin'  and craftin' friends have been up to.

Maybe I should go first and post pictures of the craziness that is my scrappin' table and room! hmmm...

Football kicks off today, which means lots of Sundays at home with the family. I don't watch football so I will just get crafty instead!
Will you join me?


And U Jest said...

Oh man.. I can't believe they are closing too... where am I going to go when I come back and visit?

There is a store here in Utah that is a scrapbook clearance store which is doing ok... I really think in this environment right now that is the way to go...

I miss your store so much! I had so much fun there... and there in nothing here in Utah that makes me feel as comfortable as you and your store did.

Thanks for the memories

Heredia Family/Yvie said...

Hi, Michelle. So sad hearing the news that Scrappin in the Hills and Red Bee are closing their doors. I shopped at the Scappin Table all the time and at the Hills when we lived in Brea. We are now living in Texas and have not found a scrappin store around sad. Hope all is well with you.

Sue Kai said...

It was sad to see my favorite local scrapbook stores closed. I was bumped for a week that Red Bee announced their sore closing. It's my favorite place to go on Sunday afternoon. My daughter called it "mommy's happy shopping" and she occasionally get balloon from there. Now I just have to go to Tallmouse regularly to keep them around. Big store are just not the same as small local store.

swalker3061 said...

Hi Michelle,

I came across your page while looking for acrylic paper trays that I would love to hang on pegboard and create my dream scrapbook room, I see many trays for sale but they are all old,expired listings..would you happen to still have some hanging around? If not can you suggest a site? Ive googled for 2 hrs,Display Dynamics doesnt seem to sell the wall version any longer. Thanks, Sara