Friday, August 7, 2009

Cindy Guzik

Tell us about yourself: I am Cindy, I started scrapbooking when my kids were in high school. I love putting the pictures to the pages and being creative with what I could see.

What is your favorite part about working for The Scrappin' Table? I love working at The Scrappin' Table because of the beautiful layout ideas I get from the wonderful design team.

Who is your favorite manufacturer? I don't have a favorite brand it is usually just what is available at the time I am scrappin.

Who do you scrapbook with? I have a scrapbook buddy, Laurie who we trade ideas with and love to go on scrapbook hunts for something we need. I also love to scrapbook with my daughter Lyndsey and my nieces Ashley and Stephanie, who I let use all my leftovers so I'don"t feel so guilty with all the stuff I buy!!!!!!!!

What embellishments do you like to use? I love to collect buttons,ribbons,flowers of all colors. You never know when you need something in a particular color.

It's always fun at The Table. Michelle has wonderful ideas and you never know what is going to be in stock.

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Michelle said...

Cindy is so helpful and is always happy to chat with the the customers. She has even taught a few classes in the store! Thanks for being such a big help to me Cindy!!