Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Heather Hendry

Tell us about yourself: I have 2 children who are growing up so fast. I feel so thankful and lucky to be their mom! I want more then anything for them to have a happy and memorable childhood. Every event they do is special to me so I love taking tons of pictures and scrapbooking those memories for them. I love spending time with my amazing and supportive parents and extended family. I also love traveling and keeping busy!

What is your favorite part about working for The Scrappin' Table? I love working for The Scrappin’ Table because in my opinion scrapbookers are awesome people to be around! They are passionate crafty people who clearly cherish their memories. Our customers and employees are happy and excited to see all of the latest and greatest treasures when they walk through the front door.

How long have you been crafting? I’ve been involved with so many hobbies through the years…from basket weaving – to photography to ceramics- too many to list! I was raised by artistic parents who are very passionate and involved once they take on a hobby. I also have brothers, aunts and uncles who are fanatic’s once they take on a hobby; so that’s why I tell myself it’s not my fault I’m so obsessed with scrapbooking – the “hobby obsession” is in my genes!!

Who is your favorite manufacturer? I’m not hooked on any one particular manufacturer. I buy whatever line or manufacturer sends that thrilling buzz through my veins!

Who do you scrapbook with? I will scrapbook with any scrapper who will sit next to me! I have met so many amazing and sweet ladies; too many to mention! When you come to a crop everyone is so friendly and happy to be spending time away from home doing what they love.

What embellishments do you like to use? I love all types of embellishments. Sometimes they can be overwhelming to me, but the layouts in the store made by the awesome design team are so helpful. The ladies are so creative and know just how to make them a great addition to your special pictures. I’m all about “scrap-lifting” and I’m not at all ashamed!

Do you have any organization or time saving tips you would like to share? Part of the fun with scrapbooking is all the fun ways to organize your treasures. My absolute favorite organizational thing is the Clip-It-Up. It holds an amazing amount of things and it doesn’t take up very much space. I have most of my ribbons on the top tier (sooo pretty!) and all of the other fun embellishments on the bottom.


Dianna said...

I love to look over Heather's shoulder at the crops and see what she's working on. Thank you for letting me buzz around your ear, Heather!

Michelle said...

Heather is awesome. She keeps trying to leave to go get that "real" job but funny how we just keep sucking her back into the store! lol! Heather and I have become good friends and I have the most fun trying to 'get' her. She is so funny and can be playing the biggest joke on you and keep that poker face! No one can match cardstock to any patterned paper or embellishment better! Thanks Heather!