Friday, June 26, 2009

DT Member Shari Suzuki

Personal Stuff:

Tell us about your family: Gary & i met in 1990 and became friends...we started dating in 1993, got engaged in 1996 and got married in 1997! :) we are very blessed to have a happy & healthy 5-year-old son, Matthew! :)

Favorite Movie: there are so many, but i always seem to watch pretty in pink and pretty woman whenever i see it on TV. :)

Favorite Book: again, too many to list...

Do you have a hobby other than scrappin'? i enjoy shopping, traveling, gardening, cooking & i Love everything basketball...i played in high school & college...and i coached for many years...yes, i know...i'm only 5 feet tall...{but, i haven't always been disabled with RSD!} :)

Do you collect anything other than paper & supplies? hmmmmm...i used to collect shot glasses while growing up, but that's slowed down...Matthew and i collect those pressed pennies from the machines you have to crank. :)

Scrappin' Stuff:

When and how did you get into scrappin'? i have always enjoyed all kinds of crafts since my mom is a big time crafter! she can make just about anything! :) i probably started scrapping in college which was a transition from making collage boards filled with pictures of friends and other memorabilia. :)

What is your preferred scrappin' format? (12x12, 8.5x11, cards, etc): i primarily make 12x12 layouts, but i enjoy designing mini books and home decor, too! :)

How would you describe your scrappin' style? i would describe my scrappy style as being organized, dimensional, clean, balanced and uncluttered.

What is one scrappin' tool, you can't live without? adhesive tape runner...but i Love all kinds of adhesives!!! some of my favorites are kokuyo, tombow and my newest pink & green, glue glider pro...Love it!!! :) if adhesive doesn't count, than i'd probably pick my crop-a-dile. :)

Who is your favorite manufacturer? hmmmmmmm...that's a hard one...there are sooooooo many!!! :)

Do you have any organization or time saving tips you would like to share? i definitely enjoy organizing {and playing with} all my scrapbook stuff!!! :) i'll have to think about that question...i'll share some tips at a later time... :)

Read about what Shari is up to on her blog: Shari's Scrap Space


Michelle said...

Shari is a wonderful addition to our DT. She always has the scoop on the new tools and gadgets. Shari offers so much to our group! Thanks Shari!!!

christy p said...

Ohhh I love how organized the craft space is. :)

tammy inman said...

Shari, I love your scrap space... it's so darn cute! :)