Sunday, June 21, 2009

The spotlight is on Michelle!

Hi my name is Michelle and I love my job! Can something I love so much be called a job? It seems really unfair to give it that label. I am a people person and love to talk, engage, and learn about the lives of my friends/customers. My favorite thing is when a customer comes in and they are so surprised that I remember them by name. I really try hard to connect with everyone that stops by The Scrappin’ Table. After many years working for such customer service oriented companies like Godiva Chocolatier and Tourneau Watch Gear, it’s really just natural for me.

Personal Stuff:

I am the lucky mom to Jessa and Lauren. They are two wonderful girls that bring sunshine and happiness to my life every single day. Oh yeah they drive me nuts sometimes…but what would I scrapbook if they were just perfect all the time? Lauren loves to paper craft. She cuts and uses Modge Podge to create works of art! She is also my photographer girl, she has her own digital camera and takes about 40 pictures a week on average. She loves to come to the store to pull hooks, price, and do some displays. Jessa is more of an artsy girl. She is convinced I need an “art supply” section. She will tell you she doesn’t scrapbook but she does pick out pictures and place them on 12x12 paper and adds a bit of journaling. She loves to draw and write stories. You’ll sometimes catch them at the store with me. They both love to chat too!

I am married to Mike, my husband of 16 years. He’s not around the store much but will often be seen on Saturdays bringing me lunch! He showed me lots of support when the store first opened. He is a great dad and steps up on the weekends so that I can do my thing at the store.

My favorite movie of all time is the classic A&E version of Pride and Prejudice. I have watched it so many times that I can quote the movie as I watch. I have the series on my itouch now and will watch it little every night!
Do I have any hobbies other than scrapbooking? Do Facebook, Twitter, and BlipFm count? I love reconnecting with friends from past, present, and making new friends too! These are just a perfect fit for me.

I collect cake plates. I love cake plates! I love a table set with frilly tablecloths and cakes plates of all different styles filled with pastries, desserts and all things yummy! The really pretty girly ones that stack are my favorite. Tiffany got me started on collecting the wire dress forms also. You’ll see the collection in the store.

Scrappin' Stuff:

I started scrapping many years ago as a teen. Back then it was a different kind of scrapbook. I had the all paper journal type albums that I filled with photos, memorabilia, ticket stubs etc. I started scrapbooking as we know it today about 14 years ago. I got into it heavily after my dad died and I realized it was really therapeutic for me to scrap pictures of him and I when I was a kid.

I do albums for my girls and family in 12x12 format. I also love doing mini albums. I never thought I would like little chipboard books but after seeing a video of Michelle Hill and her basket of mini books…I just had to give it a try!
Do I really have to list my favorite manufacturers???…that is so hard for me!!! Ok here I go…Fancy Pants, Jenni Bowlin, My Little Shoebox, Scenic Route, Heidi Grace (yes in small amounts!!).

I am the messiest, “spreadiest” scrapper ever! I must confess I will encroach onto your side of the table if you let me! I don’t have any organization tips other than my great LOVE of the Clip It Up!!! I think everyone should have at least one in their scrap space. I will defer all organization questions to Tammy Inman and Jennifer Priest. They both seem to have it down.

In closing, I would just say how very lucky I feel everyday that I get to open the doors to this happy scrappy place. In these tough times I am thankful for every customer and every day. I hope it’s a place that makes you happy and inspires you to create and document your life!

Read about what Michelle is up to on her blog: What Matters Most.

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Dianna said...

It's been more than a pleasure "working" for Michelle at The Scrappin' Table these past months. There are so many things planned for the summer, I can't wait to be a part of them!