Monday, June 22, 2009

DT Member Tiffany Muir

Personal Stuff:

Tell us about your family: I am a lucky and proud Mom of two awesome kiddos! My son Tyler will be 14 soon and starting high school in the fall....WOW!!! My sweet girl Brooke will be 9 soon and heading to 4th grade. Both are very active and keep me on the go.....either at the ball fields, dance studio or in the backyard playing basketball or jumping on the trampoline. I am so blessed!!!!

Favorite Movie: French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline

Favorite Book: Anything Jodi Picoult many more!!!

Do you have a hobby other than scrappin'? I love to decorate my home.......just move stuff around use what i already have to give the place a different feel. Flea Market finds are the best for that....they give some much personality to your home.

Do you collect anything other than paper & supplies? I have lots of little collections.......antique picnic baskets is one of my loves!!!!

Scrappin' Stuff:

When and how did you get into scrappin'? Of course this answer is probably the same for most........after i had my son Tyler! You can't get enough pictures of them......putting them in a book to pass on is such an honor.......they love it!!!

What is your preferred scrappin' format? (12x12, 8.5x11, cards, etc)?

12x12......i love this size because you not only can get more photos or larger photos but you have more room to play with the "art" of scrapping as well. Once it a while 8.5x11 is good too tho!!

How would you describe your scrappin' style?
I like the fact that i don't stick to just one style.......i like to mix it up. Some or simple and some are filled with a ton of fun stuff!!! Just depends on the story i am trying to tell.

What is one scrappin' tool, you can't live without? black fine tip pen........i love to doodle and of course you have to journal!!!!!

Who is your favorite manufacturer? Oh, boy this is a tough one..........hmmmm - i'd have to say Jennie Bowlin!!! But i love so many!!!!

Do you have any organization or time saving tips you would like to share? I've given up on organizing.......i just try to clean up after i'm done.....if not there will be stuff piled everywhere........(well, kinda like it is right now!!!)

Read about what Tiffany is up to on her blog: A Sneak Peak Into My World...

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Michelle said...

Tiff has been a huge part of the store well even before the store was "our" store! Her home decor projects have always been a favorite of mine and all of our customers too. She works in the store so her scrappin advice is free if you catch her on the clock! lol Thanks Tiff for everything! love you tons!!