Thursday, June 25, 2009

DT Member Tammy Inman

Personal Stuff:

Tell us about your family: I have a super sweet and thoughtful husband of 12 years who is my best friend. Then we have our two super cute and very thoughtful little guys Jason and Joshua and they are 10 and 11.

Favorite Movie: I have so many favorite movies so I will name a few: Wedding Singer, National Lampoons Vacation, Vegas Vacation, Christmas Vacation, CinderallaMan, and A Beautiful Mind.

Favorite Book: Resilience, Night, My Life, For One More Day, The Time Machine, and Making kind choices.

Do you have a hobby other than scrappin'? I enjoy sewing but I try to stick to the simple things, Crochet, I also like to read and go bike riding, I like to design and create new things, and I love to organize everything to me that is definitely a hobby.

Do you collect anything other than paper & supplies? Of course, Hello Kitty stuff, ribbon, buttons, pens, pencils, tablets, books, birdie goodies, Disney Cat Collection, Muppet Character Stuff, Mac make up, black and white toile goodies, Bundt pans, favorite movies, wallets, coin purses, purses, cards, wine corks, flip flops, Disney stuff, organizing magazines and books, sea shells, fabric pieces, and the list could go on and on…

Scrappin' Stuff:

What is your preferred scrappin' format? (12x12, 8.5x11, cards, etc)? I love to scrap 12x12 or 8.5x11 I don’t venture out of those comfort zones much.

How would you describe your scrappin' style? I like to group lot’s of goodies together and give my pages a shabby yet cute look… I hope!

What is one scrappin' tool, you can't live without? Scissors!

Who is your favorite manufacturer? Jenni Bowlin

Do you have any organization or time saving tips you would like to share? I like to group lot’s of my scrap supplies by color and items. This really seems to work great for me. I also think if you can see you… you will use it, but I like to see my scrap supplies in a very organized and pretty way.

When and how did you get into scrappin'? I started scrapbooking when I was really young maybe around eight or so. I would get my pictures and any memorabilia from where I visited and cut it all up real cute and glue it to paper and add little notes about what I loved about the place or trip. It was in my blood!

Read about what Tammy's up to on her blog: Tammy Inman


Michelle said...

Tammy creates beautiful pages!! If you want to get inspired by her creativity just come to The Table on a Friday night. She attends the crops very often and you can view her perfectly organzed TammyI trunk close up! She is also a very funny girl so if you sit near her at a crop prepare to laugh!! Thanks Tammy for being such a wonderful person and now someone I call friend.

tammy inman said...

Michelle, my friend... u r so darn cute!!! I loved reading your super sweet comments... our the best! :)

P.s. my bio is really truly on it's way! :)

tammy inman said...

your the best! :)